Monday, July 20, 2009

Oceanside - June 29 - July 20, 2009

How I spent my summer vacation:

Rescued a lovebird. Went to Oceanside Beach for the 3rd of July. Went to a party for the Fourth of July. Had a Fifth party on the Fifth of July. Went swimming in the pool - a lot! Every day! Taught Isabelle how to get a Pacifico, in a koozie, with a lime. :) Played with my girls. Made friends with Victoria (pooh tinky!) Rode bikes with Eliza and Isabelle and improved my knee (who knew?) Had fun with Samantha and Jimmy, the kids down the street, who came up to play and swim. Learned what a Gogurt is. Cuddled the four Maine Coons - Jasmine, Max, Daniel and Selena. Slept with the dogs in the garage one night when Missy was nervous. Had sleepovers with Isabelle and Eliza in the family room. Went to Joe's Crab Shack at Oceanside pier for yummy crab lunch and some fun! Wore peace themed outfits and matched. Dance party on the patio - shake shake shake! Sang Mr. Cejas' song over and over and over... Mr. Cejas has spotty eyebrows, he's just like a dog... (really - a guy recorded a song about Cejas and gave it to me)... had my hair start to turn green from being in the chlorine in the pool... learned all about pools and pumps and chlorine and Davy Jones sweepers and more than I ever wanted to know! ... Went to Target and WalMart and PetSmart and spent way more than we should have! Got a lot of cute new swimsuits tho! :) ... had fires in the outdoor fireplace and made S'mores... made strawberry mikshakes and Oreo cookies milkshakes... waffles for breakfast and New England Clam Chowder soup for lunch (see, I CAN cook!)... cheeseburgers in paradise... visiting the cats up for adoption at PetSmart and wanting to adopt them ALL!... outdoor living at its best! ... had a Fiesta with a pinata.... had a Woodstock party with Peace, Love and Happiness and another pinata... shopping for seat covers for the car and finding all the fun stuff in an auto parts store... annoying the girls with my constant questions... did you brush your hair? did you brush your teeth? did you put on sunblock? Making schedules for thto put on the refrigerator to check off when we got all of those things done... daily prizes and presents for the girls... feeding Tweet and cleaning his cage and covering him up and uncovering him in the morning... getting dead spiders and crickets out of the bottom of the pool (that's really BOB'S JOB!!!)... Uncle Grumpy!... so many memories, so little time...

Remember, I am only here to annoy! (the button that the girls gave me to wear while I was there! )

The dogs had a great time... Missy served as Lifeguard Dog on duty - any time anyone jumped into the pool and made a splash, she would jump off of "her" loveseat, run to the side of the pool, and lick them to make sure that they were ok.

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