Monday, July 20, 2009

More Oceanside memories

We stopped at McCabe's - we kept driving past it and it seemed like a fun place - PLUS - they advertised FUN EVERY FIVE MINUTES! So, after Sunset Market on Thursday night, Bob and I stopped for a beer --- can you say dive bar?? Well, I can cross it off my list!
Some shots of the beach at the Third of July - I'm not sure that I could ever get used to sharing my beach, let alone with so many people! I've gotten spoiled! ;)
We went to La Jolla cove where Bob, Rod and Eliza snorkeled and Isabelle had fun exploring in the rocks and tidepools.

Some finches built a nest above the outdoor speaker on the patio and we had fun watching the babies chirp and get fed and learn to fly - and they emptied the nest the day before we left - just a sign that it's time for us to fly too!

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b said...

Love the pics! Keep them coming, makes me feel like I'm along for the ride (kinda glad I'm not tho mostly b/c I roll in a pack of 3 pups and a famdamly of 4....we'd need a mama jama RV)